Undergraduate Engineer, Brisbane

Being a first year intern, I have been lucky to experience and work on a broad range of projects. I’ve been working as part of our Civil team, focused mainly on environmental engineering considerations, such as waste management. I’ve been involved with tasks such as data entry and interpretation, research, site visits and checking regulations.

A highlight has been taking a “selfie” with Todd Battley, our Regional Managing Director for Northern and Western Australia, while he was making a coffee. It was part of the Career Trackers first day selfie challenge. After posing for the photo, he made me a great coffee!

Site visits are major highlights. On one site visit I was able to go 4WDing to monitor the progress of a fire trail restoration project. It definitely did not feel like work!

Ask as many questions as possible. It’s valuable to get the most out of working with people who know the profession well. Trying to meet as many people as possible is also helpful. It’s important to build a strong network of colleagues, mentors and other like-minded professionals. Who knows, it could lead to an opportunity for career progression or personal growth in the future.