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Hydrogen pioneers: advancing the energy transition

To quote our latest global research report on the energy transition: “The energy transition is driven forward by bankable projects – the ones that make business sense – but in many cases, it takes time, ingenuity or wider changes for the necessary elements to align. Sometimes a creative kick-start is needed.”

In this episode, host James Banks speaks to three pioneers at the forefront of the hydrogen economy who are doing just that.

What follows is a fascinating discussion that explores the hydrogen economy from multiple angles, featuring the projects and places making hydrogen’s potential a reality.

James is joined by:

  • Olivier Mussat: CEO at ATOME, the first and only green hydrogen, ammonia and fertiliser production company listed on the London Stock Exchange. ATOME is currently progressing plans to build one of the world’s first commercial large-scale green ammonia facilities in Paraguay.
  • Dr Nigel Holmes, CEO of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, an organisation at the heart of Scotland’s ambition to become one of Europe’s clean energy powerhouses.
  • Sam Mackilligin, Hydrogen Director for Europe at AECOM.

As well as an introduction into how hydrogen is made and its uses as well as public impact, you can expect:

  • practical insights on hydrogen project planning and delivery
  • commentary on regulation, investment and technology
  • thoughts on balancing profitability and risk
  • an insight into how green ammonia could decarbonise the agricultural sector and stabilise local food systems
  • a glimpse into exciting new developments that we may see unfold over the next decade.