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Talking Infrastructure

The art of collaboration: lessons from a UK rail success story

In this episode, we take you on a journey behind the scenes of one of the rail industry’s most successful partnerships – the South Rail Systems Alliance (SRSA).

The SRSA is one of three alliances set up to complete vital track renewals necessary to improve the rail network for the benefit of passengers across the UK.  

As a successful working example of an alliancing delivery model, the SRSA is widely regarded as collaboration best practice by industry peers both in the UK and across the globe.  

We are delighted to welcome guests from each partner organisation to the conversation: Stuart Calvert, Wales & Western Capital Delivery Director at Network Rail; Ondrej Roubicek, Deputy CEO at Colas Rail UK and Susan Evans, Rail, Structures and Ground Engineering Director at AECOM.

With Control Period 7 (CP7) – the new five-year funding period – due to start in 2024, this is a timely discussion. Our guests expand on some of the challenges facing the sector, and how the SRSA is addressing them, for instance:

  • how the one-team approach achieves tangible results in terms of efficiency, safety, sustainability, and passenger experience
  • how longevity is a key advantage of the 10-year framework in relation to career development, innovation, and technology adoption.

But this is more than just a rail-focused podcast. It’s a window into the art of collaboration as the guests share ways to create a one-team culture and avoid common collaboration pitfalls.

If you are looking for insight and tips into how to improve collaboration within your own organisations or processes, then this podcast is for you!