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Talking Infrastructure

Engineer of the future: building tomorrow’s workforce

From achieving net zero to accelerating the energy transition, engineers will be critical to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. But what skills will they need? And how can our industry encourage, upskill and attract them?

In this episode, host James Banks is joined by Dr Sara Venning, CEO of Northern Ireland Water, Dr Alice Bunn, chief executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and Eloise John, AECOM’s energy lead for Europe and India. Together, they discuss what the engineer of the future might look like.

Gone are the days of working in silos. Engineering is now about interdisciplinary collaboration, engaging with diverse groups and integrating advanced technologies. Listen as our speakers delve into the ways we can seize these opportunities and remain agile in an industry where future job roles are yet unknown.

Topics include:

  • The changing role of the engineer
  • Emerging trends engineers should be aware of and prepare for
  • How to keep pace with technological change including AI
  • Why storytelling is becoming an increasingly important skill
  • How we can work together to build more diverse teams

This episode isn’t just for engineers; it’s relevant to anyone looking to embrace new approaches in their work. So, tune in – and get ready to be inspired!