Press Release

An AECOM team in Los Angeles County, California, United States, took fast action when a serious traffic accident occurred near their job site.

The crew was installing an air sparge well as part of a soil vapor extraction groundwater remediation system at a gas station project site when a car accident took place at a nearby intersection.

AECOM issued a stop-work order and employees quickly secured the work area. The AECOM team administered first aid to the accident victims until paramedics arrived. The team was assisted by employees from AECOM’s subcontractor, ABC Drilling, who helped remove people from their vehicles. An AECOM field crew also provided traffic control devices to local law enforcement to help secure the accident area.

“The team’s actions — stopping work in a safe and controlled manner, maintaining security of the work area and providing assistance to those in need — is a testament to the effectiveness of behavior-based safety and preparedness,” said Brenda Evans, AECOM project manager.