Press Release

Eskom appoints AECOM as technical and quality support specialist for construction of Majuba Railway Line

December 15, 2015

blades_imageEskom, the largest producer of electricity in Africa and South Africa’s electricity provider, has appointed AECOM as technical and quality support specialist for the construction of the Majuba Railway Line in South Africa.

The project consists of a new 37 mile (60 kilometer) railway line between Ermelo and the Majuba Power Station near Amersfoort in Mpumalanga Province.  The railway line will facilitate the transportation of coal from the Transnet Coal Line to Majuba. The construction of this dedicated railway comes as result of Eskom’s initiative to change transportation of coal to a number of power stations, especially Majuba, from road trucks to rail transportation which resultant positive economic, environmental and social benefits.

This project is funded by the World Bank and will contribute towards a more stable energy provision. The World Bank requires the services of specialists to assist Eskom with technical and contractual matters and to ensure the quality control in construction activities related to their respective areas of expertise.

The team comprises the following: structural engineering specialist, FIDIC contract specialist, environmental specialist, OHTE specialist, rail design specialist, rail welding specialist, HV electrical specialist and a railway signalling specialist.

The project has kicked off with the deployment of four specialist and the others will follow shortly to service a 17-month contract period.