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For work on Métis Nation of Ontario Aboriginal Traditional Ecological Study.

AECOM has received the Award of Merit – Studies and Research from the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) for its work on the Métis Nation of Ontario Aboriginal Traditional Ecological Study.

The CEO, which represents more than 200 consulting engineering companies in Ontario, presented the Award of Merit to AECOM during its 10th anniversary celebration. Each year the CEO recognizes Ontario projects that best demonstrate the important contribution of consulting engineering to the economic, social and environmental quality of life in Ontario.

The purpose of the Aboriginal Traditional Ecological Study was to document Métis traditional uses of terrestrial and aquatic plants in Southern Ontario, and present some of the unique traditional and medicinal practices of Métis peoples. This study was conducted on behalf of the MNO and was funded by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). OPG will use this information to identify potential impacts to the Métis way of life in its proposed New Nuclear project in Darlington, Ontario.

“The Darlington New Nuclear Project is one of the most complex environmental assessments in Canadian history,” says Paul Murray, vice president and executive director of the project. “AECOM is proud to play a role in linking a technically complex project with a community that has strong ties to the land and water, and whose knowledge can enhance the quality of this important Environmental Assessment.”

MNO President Gary Lipinski adds, “I want to thank all of the Elders, Métis traditional resource users and MNO Community Councils who had a role in making this study a reality. I also want to thank OPG and AECOM for its willingness to work with our communities. I know this study will be an important resource for our people today and generations to come.”

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