Press Release

It’s been a busy awards season. Four AECOM architecture projects—all designed out of the Los Angeles Architecture Studio—were recently recognized by a number of prestigious awards programs.

February 04, 2015

Solana Beach Mixed-Use Development, LAX Light Poles, Basketball Training Facility and Corporate Campus and DIRECTV Headquarters received international, national and local accolades.

The Spark Design & Architecture Awards program honored three AECOM projects:  the Solana Beach Mixed-Use Development with a Silver Award in the Transport Design category, the LAX Light Poles with a Gold Award in the Product and Health Design Category and the Basketball Training Facility and Corporate Campus as a Finalist. The Spark Design Awards encourage and honor designs that make the world a better place.

The Basketball Training Facility and Corporate Campus won a Merit Award in the “Next LA” Category from the AIA|LA. The annual AIA|LA Design Awards distinguish excellence in work built by Los Angeles architects (Design Awards) as well as work by Los Angeles designers as yet unbuilt (Next LA Awards). In both the Design and Next LA categories, jury awards are given in three classifications: Citation, Merit and Honor.

The AIA jury noted their appreciation of the project’s “…references to 20th Century industrial architecture with the sawtooth roof, while taking the weight of the building away with the lightbox.” The jury mentioned a striking physicality to the building, while appreciating the translucency of the project. “The architects took what could have been a big box,” according to the panel “and turned it into something exciting with a beautiful profile.”

“We’re very excited to receive these awards,” said Peter Zellner, Principal, Studio Design Lead for Los Angeles Architecture. “The competition for this sort of recognition amongst our peers is always tough and these honors speak to the ongoing commitment we see at AECOM to design excellence.”

Our DIRECTV Headquarters project was a 2014 finalist in the Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards (BoY Awards). Now in its ninth year, the BoY awards honor the best international projects and products.

“AECOM is known as one of the world’s largest practices, but we would prefer to be known as one of the world’s premier design practices. These awards recognize a new design capability that is moving us in the right direction,” said Ross Wimer, Senior Vice President and Architecture Lead for the Design and Consulting Services Group, Americas.

Congratulations to the design teams for their hard work developing projects which vastly improve our built environment.