Press Release

October 01, 2015

The importance of nitrogen removal technology is growing in Taiwan, as discussed by AECOM expert Beverley Stinson.


Nitrogen removal technology, a cost effective and advanced wastewater treatment technology, is growing in importance in Taiwan.

This was one of the key trends discussed by Dr. Beverley Stinson, vice president global wastewater practice and market sector leader at the 2015 International Conference on Sewerage Construction. Organized by the Construction and Planning Agency in association with the Taiwan Construction Research Institute, the conference is one of the most significant meetings for wastewater treatment in Taiwan.

“Wastewater treatment plants are the nexus of helping resolve the water-energy-food crisis by recovering valuable resources at our treatment plants including clean water for reuse, energy recovery to power the grid and nitrogen and phosphorus recovery as fertilizers for food production,” Beverly shared.

She added that our wastewater treatment plants are becoming valuable resource recovery plants and increasingly they need to do more with less. AECOM is helping our clients meet this need and leading the way by sharing our insight on leading technology and practices.

“Our cutting edge technologies are helping our clients across the globe set the standard that will become the blue print for treatment plants for the 21st century,” Beverley said.

Beverley was invited to join members of the Construction and Planning Agency for lunch during the conference. They discussed the importance of a supportive and symbiotic relationship between consultants and government authorities, and the potential cooperation opportunities in energy sustainable projects for wastewater treatment plants in the near future.

More than 200 senior government officials, professors, researchers, engineers, consultants, and company representatives attended the conference.