AECOM Tishman served as construction manager of 3 World Trade Center, the center of the new World Trade Center site. The striking tower embraces this central position through its most defining aspect – its load-sharing system of diamond-shaped bracing, which helps to articulate the building’s east-west configuration and allow unimpeded 360-degree panoramic views of the city.

The supertall tower stands at 1,079 feet – the fifth tallest building in New York City – and totals 2.5 million square feet of rentable office space and an additional 216,000 square feet of retail space. The 64-foot lobby ceiling overlooking the World Trade Center Memorial offers tenants and visitors a sweeping view of the plaza.

3 World Trade Center consists of a reinforced concrete core with steel perimeter. The core averages three feet thick and is embedded with steel rebar, sheltering emergency stairways, elevator shafts and electrical, communication and plumbing lines.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, all four corners and each floor plate of the tower are column-free to create an open environment. In total, the tower consists of 27,000 tons of steel, 145,000 cubic yards of concrete, and 10,000 glass panels. It’s the only building in the world to have a three-sided cable net wall and the first in the world to have an annealed glass exterior.

AECOM Tishman served as construction manager for the original World Trade Center and, in addition to 3 World Trade Center, built One World Trade Center, 4 World Trade Center, 7 World Trade Center, the Vehicular Security Center, and, as part of a joint venture, the Transportation Hub.