Peter MacCallum recommissioning / St Vincent’s on the Park

Victoria, Australia

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As part of the State government of Victoria’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, AECOM were engaged to provide design services for the recommissioning of the former Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in East Melbourne.
In early 2020 the health system in Victoria was preparing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic to ensure Victorians can continue to access quality healthcare. As part of this, the former Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute was re-commissioned to bring more beds online and boost capacity in the healthcare system.
A can-do attitude, a shared purpose and a lot of long hours enabled AECOM to design and oversee the re-engineering of the decommissioned building in a 12-week period. This involved a full range of technical disciplines from building engineering and cost management, through to our fire and acoustic specialists. We worked closely at all times with key stakeholders including Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA), St Vincent’s Health, Victorian Royal Eye and Ear Hospital (co-tenant), Kane (the head Contractor), PwC (VHHSBA representative), Equipment suppliers and Trade contractors.
One challenge that came with such a tight timeline was the ability to source and procure various equipment, some of which had to come from overseas during a time of supply chain constraints. At the very start of the project we had to work with suppliers to secure equipment including orders for items of HVAC equipment, telecommunications and medical gases.

Works included:
• New medical gases including a substantial increase to medical air and oxygen supply capacities was required.
• Lighting, power and communication system upgrades.
• Upgrades to heating and cooling systems.
• New domestic hot water plant.
• The mechanical HVAC system formerly used to recirculate air was inappropriate for an infectious environment and was therefore redesigned to ensure 100% outside air was used.

Key facts:
• 84 beds.
• 8 levels including 4 floors of Inpatient wards, a high observation floor to alleviate pressure on existing ICU facilities, staff amenities and administration.
• Delivered in 12 weeks working hand in hand with trades on site.
• Four-fold increase of the oxygen plant capacity.
• Approximately 50+ Microsoft Teams / Google Hangouts meetings.