AECOM once again participated at the 29th ITS World Congress underscoring our commitment to innovation in transportation. An exhibitor as well as the host to the Smart Mobility Symposium under the theme of Reimagining Mobility, our Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) experts were joined by their counterparts from public agencies and leading private industries to discuss the next wave of transportation technologies and emerging mobility trends, all with an eye on sustainable development.

Suzanne Murtha, Vice President, Advanced Mobility, Payment Systems and Automation, AECOM, expounded on the “Early Deployment of Advanced Air Mobility.” She revealed the interests shown by eager industry stakeholders — over 770 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOLs) aircraft concepts are at various stages of production, and a comprehensive transport network is predicted in the next five to 15 years. AECOM is helping to accelerate the early deployment of these technologies by helping vertiport developers and operators to de-risk their infrastructure planning through comprehensive considerations of operations, infrastructure, and market dynamics.

AECOM is also working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to deploy cutting-edge technologies and develop next generation transportation system in support of the Cooperative and Automated Transportation (CAT) initiative. John Song, our vice president from the US region, updated the audience on the innovative CAT program, a collaborative ecosystem of physical and digital infrastructure that enables safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people, goods and data across a multi-modal transportation network.

Steven Lui, AECOM’s Technical Director of Traffic and Transportation Planning, highlighted Hong Kong’s comprehensive and effective Traffic Monitoring and Management System, and discussed AECOM’s experience in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of traffic data collection and analysis with the selection and strategic placement of video detectors. Steven anticipates the adoption of AI with deep learning technologies in future traffic monitoring systems.

The seminar also featured four distinguished experts: George Fong, Chief Engineer of Smart Mobility Division of the Transport Department of the HKSAR Government; Newman Wu from Huawei, Director of Scenario Innovation Center of Enterprise Business Group; Kaikuo Zhuo, Chief Engineer of BYD; and Miao Wang, Chief Architect of Baidu Vehicle-Road Cooperative System. They shared insights on the topic of “Smart Mobility for a High-quality Livable Hong Kong,” “Smart Vehicle, Intelligent Road and Cloud Collaboration,” “BYD Skyshuttle – A New Type of Sustainable Rail Solution,” as well as “Autonomous Driving and Large-scale Model-driven Intelligent Transportation,” respectively.

DateConference SessionAECOM presenterEvent
Oct 16SIS51Suzanne MurthaData Sharing to Improve Safety and Mobility in Connected Transportation System
Oct 17Executive Session 03Suzanne MurthaIntelligent Infrastructure, Moving to a Larger Scale
Oct 17SIS14Suzanne MurthaDay 1-2 Use Cases
Oct 19Executive Session 10Suzanne MurthaTransportation Innovation and Personalized Service-The Intersection of Equity, Accessibility and Technology
Oct 19SIS47Suzanne MurthaDeveloping Highway Systems for Connected & Automated Vehicles: Achieving Global Consensus
Oct 20Plenary 3Suzanne MurthaDigitization Reshapes the Future of Transportation and Society
Oct 20TS39John SongPreparing CAV Infrastructure in Building the Cooperative and Automated Transportation Ecosystem
Oct 20TS40Steven LuiVideo Data Analytics in Traffic Monitoring And Management: A Case Study in Hong Kong
Oct 20Closing ceremonySuzanne MurthaClosing Ceremony Globe Exchange

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