Renewable energy has experienced a substantial resurgence in interest from its earlier activities in the late 1970s. The push to limit greenhouse gas emissions from conventional energy production sources, coupled with the federal and in many cases, state or local push for green energy, have combined to a “gold rush” of interest in renewables. Several factors may inhibit investments in green energy, however. Many renewable technologies are either land-intensive, such as utility-scale solar or wind, have a legacy of negative public perceptions, such as waste-to-energy or corn-based ethanol, or are technologies not yet proven on a commercial scale, such as cellulosic ethanol or hydrogen-based fuel systems.

Our Approach

AECOM’s renewable energy-related services include site evaluation, due diligence, permitting, licensing, acquisition assistance, engineering and design, program, project and construction management. Our breadth and depth of talent and experience allows us to take on projects ranging from small scale, innovative actions up to large utility scale development projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Solar Power and Solar Photovoltaics
  • Land and Offshore Wind Power
  • Energy Storage and Future Fuels: Hydrogen
  • Geothermal Energy Production
  • Waste Conversion
  • Biosolids
  • Landfill Gas Energy Recovery
  • Agricultural Methane Recovery