Graduate Environmental Scientist, Hunter Valley, Australia

As a Graduate Environmental Scientist at AECOM, I’ve been able to experience a broad spectrum of technical practices and projects. I’m excited by the diversity of work on a daily basis and the ability to contribute to large projects that help shape Australia and protect the environment.
Working at AECOM has allowed me to travel, completing fieldwork in most major cities and regional areas around Australia and New Zealand. Some of my most memorable projects include air monitoring in underground coal mines, sampling aboard naval vessels while at sea near Cairns, and hygiene monitoring at various manufacturing facilities throughout Australia.
The Growing Professional Skills (GPS) Program at AECOM is providing me with the core skills required to transition between studying as a student and working as a professional consultant. In the next five years I aim to be managing my own projects at AECOM and fostering strong relationships with repeat clients.  It’s great to know the business has my back.