On May 17, AECOM hosted the Geotechnical Forum: Going Underground, where industry leaders and clients joined us in a discussion about common and emerging challenges and how we can elevate geotechnical capabilities by learning from unique experiences and through research.

AECOM Fellow John Endicott delivered the keynote overview on ground engineering in Singapore. He was presented by Patrick Chao, Director of Operations for Asia, and later joined an engaging panel discussion on the future of ground engineering, sustainability and emerging technologies in Singapore and Asia. Johnny Cheuk, Vice President, Civil Infrastructure & Geotechnical, Hong Kong, Yi Yng (YY) Jee, Managing Director, Singapore, Dr. V. Ganeshan, Vice President, Geotechnical, Southeast Asia, and Ozturk Ozgur, Executive Director, Transportation Singapore, were among the panelists. Tay Hin Guan, Vice President, Infrastructure, Singapore, was the panel’s moderator.

Also presented at the forum, discussing on topics ranging from tunneling in different environment to slopes stabilizations and geotechnical designs were Bob Frew, Executive Director, Transportation Singapore, Jie Sun, Associate, Transportation, Singapore, and Febrina Aryani, Associate Director, Civil, Singapore.

With about 50 invited guests at our Singapore office, and colleagues, the event hoped to promote continuous learning within the field and encourage the development of talent in the industry.