For over 80 years, AECOM has been planning and designing transmission and distribution systems and has been involved in over 30,000 miles of transmission line projects worldwide. A leader in electric power delivery systems, we provide comprehensive, life-cycle services for T&D projects, from alternative route analyses, licensing/permitting, conceptual engineering, right-of-way services, and public involvement to detailed engineering/design, geotechnical engineering/subsurface investigation, site design, construction management, and regulatory compliance.

AECOM is active in all types of transmission projects, from those we manage on behalf of owners, to projects on which we provide individual services. We complete new greenfield transmission and substation projects, and we also provide services for rebuilds, voltage upgrades, substation expansions and interconnection. We routinely provide environmental assessments (EA) and environmental impact statements (EIS) to support the National Environmental Policy Act, as well as routing studies, constraints analysis and testimony to support state license applications for transmission lines.

AECOM has provided comprehensive environmental services to T&D companies during pre-development, permitting, construction, operation/maintenance, as well as sale of transmission lines. This has included: siting studies at both the macro (multi-state) and micro levels; regulatory approval for construction and reconductoring; EAs; EISs; and environmental inspection/consulting during construction, as well as pre- and post-construction monitoring.

Read more about some of our key T&D siting and permitting projects and staff below.

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