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The industry started on the road to recovery in 2021. Compared to the year prior, theme parks increased attendance globally by an impressive 72%.

Total attendance in some areas of the world was in reach of pre-pandemic levels. The speed of recovery was largely influenced by the level of government restrictions, the success of vaccine rollouts, and general consumer confidence levels.

China, the engine behind Asia’s growth in recent years, struggled with lockdowns, quarantines, and travel restrictions, resulting in only a 25% increase over 2020. North America fared exceptionally well with a 136% increase in attendance over 2020, fueled by pent-up demand and more relaxed restrictions during the key summer months.

With perhaps the notable exception of China, the marketplace has continued to bounce back this year. Although challenges like labor, supply chain, and inflation continue, the industry is poised to continue its comeback in 2022 and 2023.

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Theme Index and Museum Report 2021
Image Credit: R&F Hainan Ocean Paradise, Hainan, China
© R&F Hainan Ocean Paradise