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Introduction – What does it sound like?

Sound demonstrations can be used anywhere where there is a need to communicate and address concerns about noise or changes to the sound of an environment.

Below you can try out two simple sound demonstrations that can help you to understand:

  1. What changes in decibel level values sound like.
  2. What a noise level reduction provided by a 4m high acoustic barrier sounds like.


3 tips for the best experience when listening to the sound demonstrations

  1. Try out each sound demonstration video using good quality headphones. Avoid using the earbuds that come as standard with a mobile phone. Over-ear headphones are usually better.
  2. Listen in a quiet environment, close doors and windows.
  3. Set the volume of your computer so the voiceover in the introduction sounds like a natural conversational level for you. Hover your mouse over the loudspeaker icon on the left and move the circle left to decrease the volume and right to increase it.


Sound Demonstration Videos