AECOM Hunt is among industry leaders in sustainable building for both new construction and major renovations. We understand the impact that our work has on the environment, and we consistently look to satisfy our clients in ways that are cleaner and greener. Every day, owners are realizing the benefits of sustainable building – from the conservation of natural resources, to the use of recycled and re-used materials to proper waste management – and AECOM Hunt is always ready to lead the green effort by working with these owners, designers and subcontractors to set, reach, and exceed environmental goals.

Emerging Technologies

AECOM Hunt has perfected the integration of innovative technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and cloud-based project management tools that enhance design and construction efficiency, improve trade contractor coordination, reduce field changes, precisely monitor schedule progress, optimize long-term asset performance, and facilitate the usage of new technologies, such as virtual reality.

Lean Construction

At AECOM Hunt, we approach our projects with the clear understanding that an increased effort in early planning dramatically maximizes efficiency and savings during the project’s execution. Our approach has proven worth, as it maximizes the benefits of Lean delivery techniques – uncovering opportunities and emphasizing collaboration – to deliver the best value to the project as a whole.