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What will define the new NBA Sacramento Kings Arena is its openness: a sense of connection from the court, to the stands, to the site, to the city. The key architectural and engineering element is what an article calls “the world’s largest patio doors.”

This central design feature is a response to the area’s climate and the city’s inclination to enjoy it. “Just like the popular French doors in local homes and restaurants, the Kings will slide open their patio doors pre-game, post-game, during concerts and maybe even halftime of the Kings’ games, [team president Chris] Granger says.”

Offering views of the city from inside the arena, views of the game from the outside, open space to the public, and an iconic sight for the city, the project is conceived as a revitalization catalyst for Sacramento’s downtown. The building and site will host activities year-round, not just on NBA game-days.

For those who look to design successful urban sports and entertainment venues, an experience and aesthetic that melds with the city is always the goal, but what that means is never the same.

See the latest design renderings here.



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Originally published May 27, 2014

Author: Jacob Herson