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Every day, all over the world, AECOM’s talented designers, engineers, builders and professionals contribute to projects that make a difference. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. And this commitment isn’t limited to our day jobs. Our efforts reach beyond the boundaries of business to make an even greater impact on communities across the globe.

AECOM employees are bringing fresh water to a Guatemalan village in partnership with Engineers Without Borders. They are working with Pollinate Energy to empower communities across India with more affordable, clean-energy solutions. They are developing solutions to mitigate environmental issues. They are serving as mentors, expanding horizons and championing equality. They are supporting the mission of Water for People to provide improved water and sanitation projects.

These passionate individuals are leading with purpose, united by a common goal of delivering a better world. Inspired by the dedication and drive of our people, AECOM’s corporate responsibility platform — Blueprint for a Better World — draws upon the distinct capabilities of our business, aligning the economic and social value we bring into three core pillars:

  • Opening Doors — our promise to help deliver access to safe and secure infrastructure so those who need it most have a place to call home and resources to thrive.
  • Creating Opportunity — our pledge to help develop the next generation of the world’s problem solvers and ensure future leaders reflect the diversity of the world we live in.
  • Protecting Tomorrow — our commitment to leverage our expertise to lessen our impact on the planet to help communities prepare for the future.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and these pillars serve as a framework to focus on specific causes that reflect our professional expertise and the issues that matter most to us. As a company, as groups of employees and as individuals, we rally around these pillars through giving, volunteerism and relief to generate as much collective impact as possible.

To strengthen AECOM’s commitment to corporate responsibility and our overall purpose, we recently launched the Blueprint Travel Grant program. This global initiative supports employees as they help bring lasting, scalable solutions to communities in need. Grants are used to fund service-based trips made in partnership with charitable organizations that are conducting projects that align with our core pillars.

Twenty-five outstanding projects were chosen in the Blueprint Travel Grant program’s inaugural year, ranging from building critical infrastructure to promoting gender equality and protecting endangered species. We’ll be showcasing the journeys of the grantees, along with their nonprofit partner organizations, here on the AECOM blog, so be sure to check back for updates.

In addition to announcing the Blueprint Travel Grant program, I’m excited by all the initiatives underway as part of our Blueprint for a Better World platform. Throughout June, we’ve been celebrating AECOM Service Month, shining a spotlight on the amazing volunteer initiatives led by our local teams. Further, we continue to build on our strategic partnerships with key organizations, including Engineers Without Borders and Water for People, as well as our support for numerous regional partners.

To find stories about our employees and partners who are channeling their passions into purpose, follow #AECOMBlueprint on social media and visit aecom.com/blueprint.

Originally published Jun 26, 2018

Author: Brendan Ranson-Walsh