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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, our University Relations team adapted our internship program in the United States and Canada through enhanced virtual collaboration, learning and mentorship opportunities. In the first part of this series, we shared how the program was reshaped to provide a valuable experience to the interns, even while participating remotely. This second part focuses on the program’s future, what our interns learned over the course of the summer and the impact the program had on their career planning.

Where do you see the program going from here?
While we look forward to returning to an in-person workforce soon, we are dedicated to finding the smartest and most innovative thinkers from across the U.S. and Canada. Our plan at the moment is to continue hosting a virtual program as part of our larger internship offering, even after in-person meetings return.

To stay on top of all that AECOM has to offer, we invite students interested in interning to participate in our weekly speaker sessions and maintain an active network of discussion via AECOM social media channels. You can also find out more information by visiting https://aecom.com/careers.

Hear from several of our interns about what they gained from the program:

“My summer internship with AECOM was an experience I will never forget! AECOM administered phenomenal assistance and mentorship during these unprecedented times as I worked remotely. The positive work environment and support AECOM delivered made my work this summer pleasant, informational, and diverse. I am eager to apply all that I have learned as I continue to gain real world experience and industry knowledge. Thank you, AECOM, for a remarkable experience!” – Jasmine Walker

“Interning with AECOM has directly involved me in the development of some of the world’s most complex and cutting-edge infrastructure projects. Even virtually, I’ve formed valuable relationships with full-time engineers and fellow interns while learning an incredible amount each day.” – Jake Lewis

Michael Grossman

“I have really enjoyed interning at AECOM this summer. The company has been extremely accommodating and flexible given the pandemic, and that has made my experience a lot less stressful. Additionally, my supervisor has been a great mentor for me as both a student and prospective employee. Interning at AECOM has convinced me that I could one day work full-time here.” – Michael Grossman

Sean Adibi

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience at AECOM. Despite completing the internship virtually, I am honored to have been supported and guided by a team who care deeply about my personal development and growth. Over the course of my summer at AECOM, I contributed to a broad swath of projects and got a good sense of what it is like to work at the world's premier infrastructure company. Moreover, through weekly intern webinars and socials, I was able to learn more about AECOM's global initiatives and business lines. By the end of the summer, I had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, home in on technical and soft skills, and network with professionals throughout AECOM professions. I highly recommend this internship program!” – Sean Adibi

Julia Manzano

“Interning at AECOM has allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom related to water resources engineering to more complex systems. I have become much more proficient in hydraulic modeling which will make me more marketable when searching for a full-time position.” – Julia Manzano

Myles Greer

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with AECOM this summer. Through leadership, mentorship, and active involvement, I’ve gained industry experience despite the challenges due to the global pandemic. My team was very helpful in providing guidance and making sure I was able to obtain a well-rounded experience on various projects. I was also impressed with AECOM’s overall flexibility to adapt and accommodate all interns to the best of their ability to ensure we had a purposeful experience. I look forward to working with AECOM in the future and using the knowledge I’ve learned so far to become a better engineer!” – Myles Greer

Alex Funston

“My internship at AECOM allowed me to get valuable hands-on field experience, as well as a first-hand look at the structure of well-run engineering projects. AECOM's team of staff has done a great job at extending a helping hand to help me towards my future as an engineer and I am very grateful!” – Alex Funston

Alicia DeRoia

“I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship in the Cleveland, Ohio office with the Environmental Remediation group. My internship was completely virtual, similar to most interns; however, I was still able to gain a lot experience within this program. I greatly appreciate AECOM’s commitment in providing interns with the experience of working at the company, despite the global pandemic. It proved to me how dedicated they are with their internship program. I also had a wonderful experience with the University Intern Program and team that did an amazing job involving all of the interns in many informational sessions and also fun activities. I am excited to apply what I learned during my summer internship to my future career.” – Alicia DeRoia

Brett “Trip” Bernhardt

“I was very blessed to have a position at AECOM in Waterloo, Iowa, this summer. I was a part of the huge University Ave project as an on-site inspector. Seeing the plans on the sheet become a part of the working infrastructure of the city has really inspired me to continue to work towards becoming a civil engineer and being able to contribute more to the development and improvement of the world around us.” – Brett “Trip” Bernhardt

Sam Langeleh

“My AECOM summer internship was a wonderful experience! With the current global atmosphere, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I received a valuable and educational experience that I didn’t believe would be possible with remote work. AECOM’s dedication and positive atmosphere made my work enjoyable, versatile and informative. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned to my future endeavours. Thank you, AECOM!” – Sam Langeleh

AECOM Editors

Originally published Sep 2, 2020

Author: AECOM Editors