There are over 130 kilometers of public seawalls and breakwater structures in Hong Kong SAR. These seawalls offer very effective protection for newly reclaimed land or shorelines. However, the traditional approach to the construction and implementation of these seawalls does not support marine life.

At Tung Chung New Town Extension (East), we’ve developed an innovatively designed – “Eco-shoreline”. This is the first time the design has been applied in a public works project in Hong Kong. The novel design for the 4.9 kilometer seawall incorporates 1,200 meters of mangroves eco-shoreline, 800 meters of rocky eco-shoreline and 1,200 meters of vertical eco-shoreline giving live to the seawall.

This innovative new approach to creating eco-shorelines creates the ecological environments required for marine life to inhabit and grow. The rocky eco-shoreline uses special eco-blocks with rough surfaces which can store water, imitating the characteristics of natural coastlines. The vertical eco-shoreline contains special eco-tiles and bird holes creating attractive places for birds and wildlife to rest.

This new shoreline not only protects the reclaimed land and coast but also supports the creation of a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment for everyone who lives and visits this corner of Hong Kong.


Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)


Project management