Join AECOM at the 2024 World Tunnel Congress in Shenzhen!

From facilitating transportation and housing utility networks to enabling mining and excavation activities, tunnels are ubiquitous. They enhance connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability in our modern world.

AECOM, as the world’s trusted engineering and design consultant, will be demonstrating our expertise at handling complex, mega projects and industry recognized contribution to tunneling at the prestigious World Tunnel Congress. Our aim is to drive positive change through our innovative, world class tunneling solutions.

April 19-25, 2024

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth D24, Hall 17

Technical Visit | Technical Papers | Technical Sessions

AECOM provides a full range of tunneling and underground structure design and management services serving clients in both the public and private sectors. Our team has established expertise in the design of different tunnel types and is experienced in the application of various international codes and guidelines from Europe, the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India and many other places. We have expertise in specialized areas such as seismic and blast-resistant designs and ground improvement methods. AECOM has been involved in many award-winning signature projects widely recognized by the industry, and brings transformational outcomes to our communities.

At this congress, you will have the opportunity to discover our global tunneling projects through a virtual showroom display at our booth D24 in hall 17, and engage in discussions with our line-up of international experts. Additionally, over 20 technical papers will be presented, and AECOM experts will serve as chairpersons in various technical sessions, covering topics ranging from operational safety to construction practices in the field of geology.

Technical Visit to Hong Kong Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel

Date:April 25, 2024 (Thursday)
Time:7:00am – 1:00pm or 12:00nn – 6:00pm
Registration:World Tunnel Congress 2024

List of AECOM Technical Papers

Paper TitleRegionAuthors
A Broad Review of Cavern Engineering Approach in Sedimentary/Meta-Sedimentary Rock in Northern Hong KongAsiaJ. Wong, L. Tsang, H. Suen, D. Mak, F. To, G. Ho
A Modified Approach to Assess Tunnel Excavation StabilityANZS. Anwar, G. Charlesworth
A Study of Digital Quantitative Evaluation System for Safety Management in an Urban Rail Transportation Hub ProjectAsiaW. Mou, D. Gao, W. W. Yang, R. Wen
A Systematic Deformation Control Methodology for Underground Space Construction in Close Proximity to Existing Metro StationAsiaJ. Li, R. Wen, W. W. Yang, W. Mou
Comparison of Carbon Footprint Emissions in Tunneling Projects Using Innovative Methods US / CanadaP. Jarast, V. Nasri
Design of Precast Bolted Universal Segmental Tunnel Lining for the London Power Tunnels 2 ContractEuropeA. Simic, O. Brown, J. Ellis
Design of the REM Aéroport de Montreal’s P5 Ventilation ShaftUS / CanadaM. Mains, J. Lee, V. Nasri
Design of Toronto’s Ontario Line South TBM TunnelsUS / CanadaM. Bakhshi, V. Nasri
Developments in Large Diameter Subaqueous TunnelsAsiaO. Ozgur, T. Ma, J. Cheung
Excavation-induced Assessment in Sydney AreaANZG. Alvarado, S. Sadeghian, Y. Dong
Geotechnical Risks Management Associated with a Tunnel Launch in Complex Geological ConditionsAsiaC. L. Ng, C. M. Khoo,  N. A. Abdul Rahman
Ground Characterisation of the Sydney Basin for Tunneling WorksANZD. Och, G. Gutierrez, N. Walker
Ground Movement due to Shaft Construction and Dewatering at Bengeworth Road for the London Power Tunnels 2 ProjectEuropeO. Brown, A. Simic, J. Ellis
Karangahape Station MC21 Junction – Collaborative Solutions for Complex Geology and Geometrical ConstraintsANZA. Sarathchandran, G. Charlesworth, R. Graafhuis
Large Diameter Slurry TBM Tunnels With Very Low CoverUS / CanadaM. Mains,  S. Sánchez,  L. Içik, C. Mora
Mt Eden Mined Tunnels – Collaborative DesignANZH. Toi, R. Gong, D. Wang, G. Charlesworth
Numerical Analysis of Two Deep Circular Shafts at a Former Gas Works Site on the London Power Tunnels 2 ProjectEuropeJ. Ellis, O. Brown, A. Simic
Pawtucket CSO Tunnel Design Build – From Managing Risk and Quality to Design and Construction InnovationsUS / CanadaI. Halim, S. Polycarpe
Practical Considerations of Shale Swelling Impact on Underground Structures Liner Design for Ontario Line Transit Project in Toronto, CanadaUS / CanadaM. Rahjoo, V. Nasri
Risk Assessment and Large Diameter Segmental Lining Design in Swelling GroundUS / CanadaS. Sánchez, M. Mains, C. Álvarez, E. Barrouillet, C. Garrido, M. Ferreres
Rock Bolt Design A Parametric StudyANZS. Anwar, A. Mann, S. Sadeghian
Tunnels and Stations Design of Montreal Blue LineUS / CanadaV. Nasri

Technical Sessions to be Chaired by AECOM

SessionTime & DateChairperson
Design and Methodology (I)2:00 p.m. – 3:20 p.m., Apr. 22Verya Nasri
Senior Vice President, Engineering
Planning of Tunnels and General Aspects (I)2:00 p.m. – 3:20 p.m., Apr. 22Giuseppi Gaspari
Vice President, Tunnel Practice Leader, Canada, US East, Latin America
Contractual Practices and Risk Management (II)3:50 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Apr. 23Ozturk Ozgur
Executive Director, Highway, Transportation, Asia
Innovations in Mechanized Tunneling (III)3:50 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Apr. 23Sergio Sanchez
Head of Ground Engineering, Spain
Geotechnics, Geology and Geophysical Prospecting (I)8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., Apr. 24Guy Bridges
Executive Director, Geotechnical, Hong Kong
Operational Safety, Maintenance and Repair (II)10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Apr. 24Mike Wongkaew
Americas Tunnel Practice Leader
Instrumentation and Monitoring / Testing and Inspection (I)2:00 p.m. – 3:20 p.m., Apr. 24Giovanny Alvarado
Major Projects Delivery Director, ANZ
Machine Learning3:50 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Apr. 24Sajjad Anwar
Technical Director, Geotechnical Engineering, Australia & New Zealand
Mechanized Tunneling in Challenging Conditions (IV)3:50 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Apr. 24SW Lee
Executive Director, Geotechnical, Hong Kong

As a global leader in engineering and infrastructure solutions, AECOM is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable tunneling projects that shape a better world. We are excited to welcome industry professionals and collectively delve into the most recent trends, challenges, and opportunities within the tunneling industry at the congress.

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