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New York and New Jersey: Rethinking the future of infrastructure

At AECOM, we’re driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world. With nearly 2,900 AECOM employees who call New York and New Jersey home, it’s important to us that our work makes a difference, that we’re building sustainable legacies that that help our clients, our communities and our neighbors thrive. See what we can do for you.

Now more than ever, our world is interconnected — from our neighborhoods to our workplaces, the transportation networks that keep us moving, and the energy, water and clean air we depend on. Nowhere is this intersection of built and social environments more critical than here in New York and New Jersey.

As the world’s trusted infrastructure firm, we’re in the business of connecting communities. It’s important work, and we’ve been doing it here for nearly 100 years. Our planners, designers, engineers, program managers and advisors, providing the full spectrum of services across the transportation, buildings, energy, environment and water markets.

We believe there’s never been a better time than right now to reimagine, reinvent and rethink what’s next.

Rethinking how we solve complex challenges across New York and New Jersey

Climate adaptation and resilience

Change is constant. Adaptation is key. Learn how we’re helping cities, states, organizations and private entities maximize resources to better protect people and places.

Energy transition

How we produce, consume and manage energy is shifting. From electrifying transportation to decarbonizing buildings, we offer smart solutions to navigate the energy transition.

Alternative delivery

There are many reasons to consider methods like design-build to deliver your next project. No one offers more expertise as a project delivery partner, across more markets, than AECOM.

Asset optimization

Let our strategic and technical advisors guide the way to extracting maximum value, identifying and managing risk, and realizing long-term sustainability from every asset in your portfolio.

Complex integrators

Our increasingly complex world requires holistic thinking up front. We apply our expertise and align services across the entire program or project lifecycle to deliver more effective end results.

Our projects

To develop projects that are not only best in the world but best for the world, it’s critical that we appreciate, firsthand, the needs of our clients and communities. Because we work and live here, too, we recognize that every part of New York and New Jersey has its own unique challenges and opportunities for growth. We proudly offer decades of experience collaborating with government leaders, civic and public agencies, private partners and citizens to deliver innovative, iconic and vital projects that are transforming this region.

Our people

With a new generation of infrastructure planning and spending underway, it’s more critical than ever to select the right partner to bring your projects to life. Our people are recognized as the industry’s best — technical experts, thought leaders, trusted advisors and collaborators. Our commitment to building relationships, listening to our clients and providing unparalleled service sets us apart.


Our insights

Rethinking what’s next requires a dedicated commitment to helping our clients maximize assets, resources, time and money so, together, we make this region a beacon for people, progress and prosperity. Gain insights and critical points of view from our experts as we address the big issues of today and tomorrow. Because the future is now, and we’re here for it.


What we do

We come to work every day and do what hasn’t been done before. To connect big ideas with best-in-class expertise and resources. To solve our clients’ most complex challenges. To lead the charge toward sustainable, equitable solutions that build legacies for generations to come. To leave a positive, lasting impact. That’s our focus, our mission — and it’s one we take seriously.

Infrastructure is the essential driver of our economy, culture and quality of life. For almost a century, we’ve shaped this region’s forward progress — from improving our daily commutes, keeping the lights on and ensuring everyone has access to clean water, to helping government agencies deliver services more efficiently and protecting the many unseen systems that keep us safe and healthy.

As a global company with deep roots in New York and New Jersey, we’re on the forefront of solving today’s most complex challenges. We anticipate. Accelerate. Participate. Partner. And most importantly, we listen. We do more than answer questions, we reframe them. With an innovative mindset, a whole systems approach and an eye on tomorrow, we do what hasn’t been done before.

We understand the urgency of the challenges before us and our responsibility to act in an impactful, enduring way. Our advisory teams help assess the environmental, social and governance risks facing organizations and develop strategies and actions to address them. Offering end-to-end support to deliver lasting change, we’re leading the charge toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

We’re harnessing the power of digital resources to define, develop and implement personalized — and even disruptive — solutions that accelerate our clients’ digital journey. With an ever-expanding ecosystem of software, systems and technology, we’re providing greater connectivity between data, projects, people and communities to deliver faster, smarter and better.

We believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone. From riding a new subway line to flying in and out of our airports, studying at one of our many colleges and universities, receiving critical healthcare at a nearby hospital, going to a major league ballpark or playing at a neighborhood park, and rebuilding lower Manhattan after 9/11 — we’re proud to deliver the iconic projects that redefine how we live, work and play in New York and New Jersey.

Why we do it

We provide comprehensive, scalable services across the entire project lifecycle — all part of our foundational commitment to deliver transformative outcomes. Our clients trust us to bring together the best people, ideas, technical expertise and digital solutions. We’re one team, driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.

From creating new buildings and communities to enhancing public spaces, our vision is to make the world a better place. From studies and master plans to design and through construction, we respond holistically and collaborate closely between multiple design and engineering disciplines to create authentic, enduring and awarding-winning places.

Our integrated approach to reliable energy sources — from conventional to renewable — allows us to deliver full lifecycle support and provide cleaner, more efficient solutions. From natural gas and electrical power transmission and distribution systems to alternative technologies like wind and solar, we’re helping fulfill the promise of lowering carbon emissions for a sustainable power future.

We work closely with private clients and government and public agencies to solve complex environmental challenges to achieve compliance and reduce, or eliminate, risks while protecting our natural environment. Our broad capabilities, combined with our deep knowledge of regulatory practices and emerging global trends, provide a balance of growth and resiliency.

Partnering with public and private asset owners as development and delivery partners, we help inform early thinking, minimize risk and lead transformational change. We oversee activities ranging from planning, coordination, scheduling and cost control, to design, construction management and commissioning — collaborating across the entire lifecycle, from day zero to delivery and beyond.

As populations grow, so does the demand for safe, convenient and cost-effective transportation. We apply our extensive knowledge planning, designing and managing transportation systems to help our clients find smarter, more advanced ways to connect people, places, goods and economies — paving the way to high-quality infrastructure projects that provide long-lasting benefits to society.

Balancing the need for safe, reliable water with protecting this critical resource requires a commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard human health and the environment. From studies and design through final construction and for operations and maintenance services, we ensure our clients have access to globally sustainable technologies, delivered locally.

Life at AECOM

We believe infrastructure has the power to uplift communities and improve people’s lives. Are you ready to make a difference and write your own career story? Then join us, bringing your expertise, skills and perspectives to solve today’s most complex challenges.