Building the world’s most iconic structures requires a highly-specialized safety approach. Safety is both an AECOM Tishman core value as well as a guiding principle on every project. First and foremost, our priority is the protection of all of our staff, construction teams, subcontractors, and all members of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to adopting measures that protect the safety and health of our people; mitigate risk; and preserve facilities, property, and the natural environment – employing a comprehensive internal program that drives our employees toward this commitment, called “Safety for Life.”

AECOM Tishman has continuously refined our approach to integrate innovative safety solutions. When constructing One World Trade Center and 4 World Trade Center, we deployed a two-story, lightweight traveling system called a “cocoon” – the first successful deployment of the cocoon safety system on a hybrid steel/concrete building. We place an emphasis on incident prevention by becoming proactive through the implementation of processes and systems which will reduce or eliminate incidents from occurring in the first place.

Our employees are encouraged and empowered to become actively engaged in our safety processes through participation in safety committees, training, audits, observations, and inspections. From executive leadership down to project managers, superintendents, and administrators. AECOM Tishman has a solid foundation to ensure our safety program is comprehensive and complete. We continuously improve and update our systems and procedures to not only adhere to ever-changing laws and requirements, but to set the standard for occupational, health and environmental safety in the construction industry.