Extending Our Advantage

We believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone—uplifting communities, improving access and sustaining our planet.

Our success is a reflection of the strength of our employees and their unwavering dedication to our clients and to our purpose of delivering a better world.

By bringing together the best people, ideas, and technical expertise, we partner with clients to turn their ambitions into action, and we embrace our core values—Deliver, Collaborate, Innovate, Sustain, Thrive and Safeguard—in everything we do.

I am incredibly proud of where our organization stands today. Our consistently strong performance is expanding our competitive advantage and the long-term earnings power of the business to deliver growth into the future.

Troy Rudd, Chief Executive Officer

Strength and Recognition

In fiscal 2023, we celebrated another monumental year. Across each of our strategic and financial objectives, we met or exceeded our target metrics. Our revenue growth continued to accelerate, our design backlog achieved record levels, our win rates are at or near all-time highs, and our position in the marketplace has never been stronger

We owe this success to our incredible teams who are committed to providing the best service to our clients and realizing our purpose of delivering a better world. As we continue to lead the industry, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. Their technical expertise, agility, and teamwork set us apart and drive our innovation. And more importantly, we continue to look after our colleagues with safety performance that leads our industry.

FY23 financial performance

Our strong fiscal 2023 performance met or exceeded our guidance on every key financial metric. Reflecting our culture of collaboration and focus on winning what matters, our full-year win rate set a new record and contracted backlog in the design business increased by 15%1 to an all-time high.

In addition, we extended our track record of outperformance with record profitability, continued industry-leading margin expansion, and strong cash flow. These successes reflect the benefits of continued execution of our strategy, high-returning organic growth, and our technical advantage.

Organic NSR


Record segment
adjusted operating


Double-digit adjusted
EBITDA growth


Double-digit adjusted EPS growth

Strong free
cash flow

Investing in Our People

We are attracting top talent and inspiring our people through a culture of collaboration and opportunity. This includes investing in our people and programs that enrich our employees’ experience and success. Throughout the year we enhanced our culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, while advancing our flexible work program, employee healthcare benefits, and personal and professional development programs.

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Transforming How We Work

As project delivery approaches evolve and rapid advances in technology present new opportunities to realize efficiency and quality improvements on projects of all sizes, we continue to invest to deliver better project outcomes for our clients—both in advancing new ways of working and in digital technologies, tools, and innovations.

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Our digital transformation in action


Discover how cutting-edge bidding strategies optimize our approach to projects.

PlanEngage: Faro Mine Remediation

Deep dive into how digital tools revolutionize our planning and engagement processes.

AI-enabled flood modeling tool

Uncover the power of AI in flood modeling with our innovative tool, providing insights crucial for resilient infrastructure.

Computational design: JFK International Airport Terminal 1

Discover how computational design at JFK Airport Terminal 1 showcases our dedication to shaping aviation’s future.

Extending Client Relationships

We are collaborating more than ever before. Through prioritizing strategic opportunities and leveraging our advisory services and Program Management global business line, we are winning what matters and nurturing long-term client relationships across our core and emerging markets.

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Delivering Sustainable Legacies

Around the world, demand for sustainability and resilience has never been greater. The effects of climate change, worsening impacts from extreme climate events, and increasing recognition of societal challenges compel us as an organization to act. That is the thrust of our Sustainable Legacies strategy—to ensure that the work we do in partnership with our clients leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.

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