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“Generation gaps are nothing new. The term itself was popularized in the 1960s, as the huge baby boom generation began to influence all aspects of American society. Now another huge generation—the Millennials (those born after 1980)—is moving into adulthood and impacting everything from popular culture to technology to social institutions.

We’re only beginning to see their impact on the healthcare system and facility design.

I began researching these Echo Boomers a few years back while designing a hospital birth center. …”

This is the beginning of a blog post I wrote for Healthcare Design. It will be the first of a series on this topic. Read the rest of the post here and check the right side of the page for subsequent posts as they go up.


Christine Hester Devens Christine Hester Devens ( is a healthcare interior designer with AECOM.

Originally published Nov 8, 2014

Author: Christine Hester Devens