Transit owners and operators are meeting new challenges and realigning their focus to address evolving priorities in a rapidly changing world.

To help, we have assembled our most recent research and big thinking on things like transportation decarbonization, managing the energy transition and using MaaS to create more accessible and equitable mobility.


Road to Decarbonization
Cole Pouliot, Speaker
November 13 | 9:20-10:40am

Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at the Valley Line LRT Project 
Josh Jones, Speaker
November 13 | 11:10am-12:25pm

Valley Line LRT Walking Tour
November 14 | 4:30pm-5:30pm
As lead of the Owner’s Engineer team, AECOM joins the City of Edmonton for this guided tour that showcases the Valley Line’s unique features and offers a glimpse into the City’s commitment to sustainable transportation and urban development.

Thought leadership and expertise that addresses the big issues of today and tomorrow 

Transportation Electrification
Accelerating the future of cities, utilities and fleets. A massive change is underway that will bring social environmental and economic change through the deployment of new transportation technologies.  

MaaS Feasibility Study
In partnership with the Canadian Urban Institute, we’ve developed a framework that considers input from diverse stakeholders on the feasibility of MaaS and its potential to improve equity and access to mobility. 

Lost in transition?
Download our latest Future of Infrastructure report and learn how you can navigate the energy transition with practical, profitable, predictable and people-centric strategies.

Zero Emission Bus Experience
As a global leader in emerging zero emission transportation technologies and innovations, we have a well proven track record of collaborating on various zero emission projects for transit agencies, municipalities and private organizations.

Transit creates liveable communities
Our architects, engineers, planners and construction professionals have helped shape the world around us. With a long history of successfully delivering transit projects, our team is poised to fulfill the challenges of a constantly moving world.

Collaborative solutions for complex infrastructure
Infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone — whether it’s improving your commute, keeping the lights on, providing access to clean water or transforming skylines, we believe infrastructure has the power to uplift people and communities.

Strategy in Transit
A thought leadership series where we talk with transit industry leaders about today’s greatest mobility challenges and the opportunities to deliver a better world.  

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Kirsten Watson
VP, Government Relations and Transit Market Sector Lead

Cathy Benjamin Ostrander
AVP, Marketing Director, Strategic Marketing Lead, Canada Region

Amin Sadeghi
AVP, National Market Sector Lead – Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facilities

Justin Fox
Canada Aviation Market Sector Lead and Director, PM Services 

Russ Golightly
Business Development ZEB Transit & Sr Project Manager

Josh Jones
Senior Program Manager, OE – Valley Line LRT

Robert Labonte
Architectural Discipline Lead & Calgary Operations Lead

Cole Pouliot
Fleet Decarbonization Lead

Edward Stubbing
Department Manager, ITS & Emerging Transportation Technologies

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