The world’s growing need for reliable electricity puts added pressure on the global power industry to develop cleaner, more efficient solutions. AECOM’s integrated approach delivers full life-cycle support to help clients meet those challenges.

We design, engineer, construct, retrofit and maintain virtually every type of power plant, as well as the systems that transmit and distribute electricity. To date, we’ve engineered and/or constructed more than 280,000 MW of electricity worldwide — equivalent to approximately one fourth of the generating power in the United States today.

Specific areas of expertise include hydroelectric power-generating facilities, as well as the latest renewable and alternative energy technologies. We also specialize in major modifications, including retrofitting clean-air technologies in response to emissions-reduction regulations, plant expansions/reconfigurations and plant life-extension programs, including the replacement of steam generators and other major components at nuclear plants.

From front-end studies and new construction through the decommissioning and closure of facilities no longer in use, clients rely on us as a single-source provider for critical services throughout the industry.