Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Solutions

The future is about to take off

Transforming mobility with eVTOL

We are partnering with aircraft manufacturers and transportation innovators as they rapidly
advance new electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) technology. Our comprehensive
solutions will help vertiport developers, airports, eVTOL OEMs, IOOs, and federal agencies
to advance eVTOLS while lowering emissions, noise and cost and safely and efficiently
moving people in these environments.

Please click on the link for more information: eVTOL overview

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  • Vertiport design – combining traditional passenger terminal design and logistics expertise to new UAM technologies
  • System impact analysis – understanding the broad impact of eVTOL on the overall system
  • Infrastructure flexibility – adapting existing systems to support eVTOL
  • Network planning – Scaling efficient transportation across networks
  • Modularity – Creating scalable solutions that can be prefabricated
  • Technology – integrating eVTOL charging technology with existing infrastructure
  • Multi-modal transport integration – planning for eVTOL as part of a larger system
  • Aviation planning – passenger processing, air space analysis, proceduare and route planning