Risk Management & Resilience

Investment in resilience today means protection and cost avoidance in the future. We help clients and communities around the world build resilience through an extensive understanding of assets, risks and vulnerabilities.

From improving coastal infrastructure to address climate-induced sea level rise and severe weather impacts, to assessing risks to assets from all threats, to developing recovery and resilience strategies for transportation systems after disasters, our holistic approach to risk management and resilience helps clients prioritize capital projects, protect vulnerable assets and achieve sustainable growth.

Our work identifies external and internal threats to physical assets, data and intellectual property, as well as vulnerabilities that exist within them. We provide clients with standardized, repeatable methodologies to properly assign value to critical assets. By enumerating those assets and threats, we help clients cut costs, develop effective risk management strategies, improve resilience and achieve higher profitability.

Disaster preparedness is a critical part of our service. We educate clients on its importance to their core investment strategy and the business case for resilience. Every decision must consider the interplay between natural, human, economic and social systems to protect assets.

We are uniquely qualified to simplify and prioritize risk-sensitive investments for clients in both public and private sectors, drawing on our extensive network of technical and creative expertise to deliver solutions that work.

Our extensive real-world knowledge of infrastructure and the socioeconomic and environmental factors that impact business continuity help us deliver proactive solutions that are customized to meet clients’ short- and long-term needs. We also partner with a wide range of NGOs to strengthen resilience in communities around the world.

When disaster strikes, we respond quickly. Following floods, severe weather, fires, earthquakes and criminal attacks, we provide infrastructure damage assessment, forensic evaluations and a range of architectural, engineering, environmental and construction services to support rapid recovery and a return to normalcy.

Representative Services:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Physical Security and Hardening
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Disaster Recovery