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I’m incredibly passionate about the aerospace industry and project management, and plan to develop a long and rewarding career with AECOM at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

When I joined AECOM, I knew very little about the company, other than it was an engineering firm that provided services for government clients and contracts. Upon further research, I discovered AECOM is much more — a multi-national engineering and construction company providing integrated, multi-disciplinary services all over the globe. The job description was for a new college graduate with an engineering degree and business experience. I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida in Orlando while running my own business in kiteboarding kite repair. This gave me a taste of the business world, and I naturally sought to further my experience. I saw AECOM as the perfect place to do this and was excited to join the team at such a high-profile job site, the Kennedy Space Center. Today, I’m a project manager orchestrating a talented team of engineers and technicians who maintain the critical infrastructure and facilities needed for processing payloads and other spacecraft for government and commercial launches. Many of the payloads launched contribute to significant scientific discoveries, national defense or global communications. In addition, I manage launch support operations that include providing back-up power, water and emergency response support to our growing number of launch service providers center-wide. I also help with public events that NASA and other commercial entities host during launches. These events help fuel the imaginations of our future engineers and scientists alike. I feel that at any other company, it would be difficult to stop and appreciate the work one does. But at Kennedy Space Center, it’s different. Every time we send a new spacecraft into orbit and I’m able to watch the launch vehicles push off their respective pads, it reminds me of what we work so hard to accomplish. Knowing I help keep the center operational brings true meaning and purpose to my work. Each day I’m challenged not only to hone the skills I have, but to develop new ones that will undoubtedly help me throughout my career. I’ve had a number of internships and other work experiences prior to this one, and I have to say, this is one of the best.