Bold moves for a growing city

Cities have never been more important, nor the competition among them more intense. Those positioned to excel in this time of incredible opportunity and remain strong through times of difficulty are pursuing broad, integrated strategies to tap hidden value, attract people and investment, and overcome financial and operational challenges.


In 2018, Melbourne reached a population of approximately five million people and maintained its status as Australia’s fastest-growing capital city. At the same time, it continues to enjoy a reputation of being one of the world’s most-liveable cities. Looking forward, can Melbourne continue to be a great place to live even as it grows so rapidly?


We can be sure that ongoing success will only come with good planning and active investment. Melbourne must be responsive to global shocks and stresses, while taking advantage of global trends to unlock economic growth and maintain quality of life for its growing urban population. We must ensure the city responds to the pressures of urban density and remains connected by integrated transport infrastructure. We must bridge the gap between private and public investment to get essential projects funded and delivered. At the same time, it is critical for us to act on the increasing pressures of climate change and ensure that we make better use of our resources, with a focus on increased resiliency of city assets. In an emerging period of rapid technological disruption, Melbourne must also take advantage of the economic opportunities created by what has been dubbed the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, increasing employment opportunities for all levels of society, driving innovation and attracting global talent.


At AECOM, we offer both the depth of insight and breadth of expertise required to thrive in these conditions. We believe no one discipline has all the answers to urban challenges. Our cities sector takes a whole-of-system approach to better prioritise projects, plan ahead, protect vulnerable assets and provide sustainable growth. We explore the opportunities that can be created by thinking differently and by encouraging bold moves which may be disruptive in the short term, but which create an enduring legacy for future generations.


This page brings together AECOM’s solutions to some of Melbourne’s biggest challenges and provides creative ideas to respond to the opportunities we are presented with in an increasingly connected and digital world.