Sydney Manifesto

Making Sydney Brilliant — A Manifesto for Sydney at 8 million people

Sydney’s future is challenged by rapid population growth that will lead to a future city of 8 million people by 2050, as well as significant infrastructure bottlenecks.

AECOM’s report, Making Sydney Brilliant — A Manifesto for Sydney at 8 Million People, is a comprehensive proposition for a Sydney fit for the future. It identifies key trends and provides a clear ‘to-do list’ to tackle the liveability, affordability and productivity constraints that threaten Australia’s economic powerhouse.

Currently, Sydney faces vast geographic imbalances between east and west in terms of jobs, amenities and services such as healthcare, education and public transport. It faces a growing infrastructure backlog, as well as critical issues around land scarcity and housing affordability, while growing demand for energy will increasingly strain the grid. The city also faces severe challenges driven by climate change related to water supply and heatwaves, and increased cyber-security threats. Innovative solutions are urgently needed to tackle the challenges our manifesto identifies.

With boldness and imagination, it is time to make Sydney not only functional but brilliant.


10 Key trends:

  • A city of haves and have-nots
  • A population with diverse needs
  • A growing infrastructure bottleneck
  • A procurement and delivery model well past its best
  • A housing affordability crisis
  • A city dealing with critical land scarcity and sub-optimal land use
  • An economy facing disruption
  • Trailing the smart city leaders
  • A fast-changing energy mix
  • Growing vulnerability to stresses and shocks.

In our manifesto, we respond to the 10 key trends above and propose 10 ‘Big Moves’ — each supported by critical implementation actions — that merit serious consideration as part of an overarching, long-term plan to transform Sydney into a brilliant city of 8 million people.

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