Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/ Science, University of Queensland

What are your career aspirations? I would like to work as a Civil and Environmental Engineer for AECOM.

I am passionate about the environment and ensuring that we live sustainably. Through my work I hope to prolong the environment, build green buildings and ensure we sustainably manage waste.

How do you plan on using your skills to benefit your community?

I hope to benefit my community by being a role model and inspiring others like myself to continue pursuing education after school. Through connections I have kept with my school, I plan to continue to promote how lucky our community is to have so many opportunities.

What does reconciliation mean for you?

I see reconciliation as a way of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians coming together and gaining respect for one another. To me, it’s all about recognising and focusing on our similarities, rather than our differences. It is about working together as one to understand.