DE-FLUOROTM is a world-first PFAS destruction technology. Developed in collaboration with AECOM and the University of Georgia, DE-FLUORO™ is an economically and environmentally sustainable treatment technology that destroys PFAS from contaminated liquids without generating hazardous waste.

Unlike existing technologies, DE-FLUORO™ offers a complete PFAS destruction solution through electrochemical oxidation. Check out how DE-FLUOROTM works below.

DE-FLUOROTM can act as a standalone destruction solution or be coupled with existing remediation technologies to deliver a whole of life cycle solution to solve your PFAS issues.

Potential applications for the technology include:

  • Groundwater
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Liquid waste
  • Surface water

Trials completed over the last 12 months have successfully destroyed PFAS in samples provided by organisations from a range of sectors, including aviation, defence, manufacturing and petrochemicals.

Detailed data from the trials are included in the Demonstration Program Industry Summary.