Australia’s three most-populous cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are all developing new metro services to remove bottlenecks from their existing public transit networks, and to prepare for future population growth while giving residents a reliable and sustainable alternative to driving.

The Australian city with the unenviable record of having the worst traffic congestion, and transit network most susceptible to shocks, is Sydney.

Currently, Greater Sydney’s 4.5 million residents face vast geographic imbalances between east and west in terms of jobs, amenities and access to key services, such as healthcare and education.

The overcrowding on existing train lines and buses in Sydney, combined with the expected future population growth, has necessitated a significant investment in new ‘turn up and go’ metro rail. Metro investments are significant and can achieve many benefits such as:

At AECOM, we deliver cost-effective, innovative, constructible design solutions that are focused on what’s best for the community, our clients and their customers.

Our team has been Transport for NSW and Sydney Metro’s trusted partner for over a decade, helping it to reimagine and deliver tomorrow’s Sydney through a world-class transit system.

Sydney has just opened Australia’s first-ever driverless metro rail project ― Sydney’s North West  Metro, which was successfully completed on schedule and, importantly, under budget.

To understand more about the transformational impact of a new metro and what it means for the future of Sydney, some of our technical leaders have shared their perspectives.

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