Thriving Places: The race is on 

How we design, construct, and experience our built environment is changing at a rapid pace. Global catalysts like climate change, circular economies, and continued digital transformation are re-questioning design practices and industry norms. The future will make different demands of our assets – be it a hospital, an office building, a university campus, an open space, or an entire city precinct.  

Change is an opportunity. So, how can we create places that endure, think, transform, and inspire? 

Whether it’s an upgraded asset or a new development, the race is on to invest in design and construction approaches that create future-ready assets that can be reused, repurposed, or reimagined. 

Our ‘Thriving Places’ series explores how we can future-proof buildings and places to provide long-term efficiencies, more certainty, and ultimately, greater value for future users and communities. 

By taking a resilience-based approach to design and construction, our communities can continue to thrive, regardless of what the future may bring. 

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