AECOM is the sole-source environmental consultant for 7-Eleven in 23 states including all the New England states, conducting any and all environmental work associated with the assessment and remediation of existing and former 7-Eleven facilities. AECOM has worked with 7-Eleven for over 24 years, including 18 in their alliance program.

Remediation projects include soil excavation, groundwater pump & treat, air sparge and soil vapor extraction, oxygen injection chemical oxidation, monitored natural attenuation, LNAPL monitoring and recovery. In addition to our standard environmental support services, AECOM has also assisted 7-Eleven’s Construction department with environmental issues during store development and upgrades such as dewatering and soil disposal, and their Facilities department with existing store environmental needs such as potable well sampling and treatment, and has provided Compliance support and in-store training as required.

In 1998 AECOM conducted due diligence on a 144-site portfolio of convenience stores in New England, over half of which contained underground storage tanks for retail petroleum sales. Due diligence was accelerated and completed within 3 months. In Maine and New Hampshire AECOM has worked on approximately 50 sites for 7-Eleven. AECOM has achieved 15 site closures in Maine and 10 closures in New Hampshire. Ongoing projects include sampling under GMP programs in New Hampshire including preparation of applications and renewals, pilot testing of new oxygen injection technologies and assessments following tank replacements. AECOM also provides 7-Eleven with immediate response services for surface spills of petroleum throughout New England.