The advanced design technologies available today, such as 3D software, shape the techniques interior designers use to design space. A space can represent technical advancements and the corresponding corporate culture.

The world’s leading 3D design software company, providing prominent digital design services for the architecture, engineering and entertainment media industries, Autodesk’s Shanghai Office is located in the Pudong Lujiazui Software Park. As the company’s business and organization expanded in 2012, Autodesk added two floors, accommodating 200 employees. Reflecting a creative and high-tech corporate culture, the corporate office interior design provided by AECOM creates a healthy and pleasant environment for staff, promoting communication and collaboration among teams through design openness and transparency. The design concept is a “minicity” full of vitality and passion: each department is within its own independent and quiet “street block,” while “street corners” and “plazas” of varying sizes and shapes open space for cross-team engagements and social bonding.

Additionally, its movement design replaces mundane walks with interesting urban strolls past “roadside” cafes and park benches. The office adopts Herman Miller’s high-performance workstation system, providing 120-degree desktops to facilitate interaction, and hence collaboration, among team members.

Throughout the process of interior and MEP design, AECOM used the Revit and 3D Max software developed by Autodesk. These programs allow for efficient communication between designers, clients and contractors, so the project can be completed on time. AECOM integrated Autodesk’s corporate culture into the design, so its technological advantages are visible in every corner of the office. This integration creates a sense of participation for principals and one of belonging for employees.