In 2012, BMW engaged AECOM to develop a tailor-made workplace and design concept for the office space of a new research and development building at the Business Campus Garching. The objective was to define a concept with new ways of effective and ergonomic working in an office environment, to be tested in a pilot project.

A fundamental building analysis was conducted in order to understand the structures and to be able to develop detailed space planning. A range of concepts were presented to BMW, in order to enable the client to identify the best suitable solution for their business.

A flexible, modular workspace concept was developed and customised to the surrounding premises, taking user input into consideration, and comprising a variety of work environments for different tasks and needs. Key factors that enhance efficiency and innovation were the restructuration of the business division and the creation of contemporary office spaces, which promote communication and the exchange of knowledge.

The new office environment reflects the company values and identity of BMW. New standards for modern ways of working and innovative workplace environments were introduced within the future-oriented concept, and included in the existing BMW corporate design guidelines for further procedures.

In the implementation and realisation phase, AECOM supported the client with integrated project management services, such as cost estimation/monitoring, preparation of tendering documents for furniture and interior design, creation and ongoing adaptation of a detailed project plan, preparation and coordination of meetings, including the documentation, and elaboration of management decision documents.

BMW chose AECOM as the appropriate partner for this project, as the Strategy Plus team has more than 40 years of experience in research, workplace strategy and change management. The strategic distribution of AECOM offices in Europe, America and Asia Pacific was also an important aspect for an optimal cooperation.

The results of this project provided the basis for ongoing involvement with BMW. AECOM supported the client with the evaluation of an additional workplace pilot in Munich, and in evaluating test fit variations for the BMW Project House (FIZ) which will be entirely reconstructed in 2015.