With increasing caseloads and changing community demographics, the court system in Broward County, Florida is evolving to securely and safely serve the public. Structured to accommodate growth through the year 2030 and beyond, the 18-acre Broward County Judicial Complex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a new civic campus designed to meet the changing needs of the community.

As part of a joint venture, our robust courthouse design and urban planning efforts included determining  the best use of the site based on the program needs, orientation of the building, organization and building layouts, and number of courtrooms per floor.

The new campus includes a county office building, the county jail, three courthouse buildings, an energy center and a parking garage. The new 740,000-square foot court building, which will occupy a 1.55-acre portion of the campus,  will be 20-stories high and feature 74 courtrooms and hearing rooms, as well as office space for several government agencies.

The courthouse will feature state-of-the-art technology, including extensive audio-visual and evidence presentation systems for the courtrooms and office spaces. Security will be enhanced through the use of CCTV, card access, duress devices (push buttons) and entry screening security systems. Designed for LEED Gold certification, the courthouse includes energy reductions up to 22 percent, water-use savings up to 30 percent, recycling up to 75 percent of construction waste, and the use of low VOC materials and finishes.

Efficient and effective use of exterior space—including a series of pedestrian parks, plazas and a riverfront promenade—help promote “pride of place” that will resonate in the community.


  • Merit Award, AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice, Justice Facilities Review, 2011