Before long-term traffic flow and safety concerns in the Bronx, New York, can be addressed, the New York State Department of Transportation is conducting a four-year $12 million Environmental Impact Study (EIS). AECOM is managing the joint venture that is preparing the EIS and developing alternative preliminary designs with construction costs ranging from $100 million to $300 million.

The project’s focus is to relieve the traffic bottleneck at the Bruckner-Sheridan Expressways interchange and to improve access to the Hunts Point Peninsula. The Hunts Point Peninsula is where two of the world’s largest wholesale markets reside – the Hunts Point Meat Market and Hunts Point Produce Market, as well as the new Fulton Fish Market.

AECOM’s work includes extensive advanced transportation modeling to assess traffic movements on local streets and the regional highway network. The assessment process also involves interviewing a wide range of stakeholders at the market and throughout the the peninsula about ways to improve operations and the community’s quality of life by making local and regional infrastructure investments.