The Central Greece Motorway (E65) is a 174km long road running north-west across mainland Greece.

The E65 links the PATHE Motorway near Lamia to the Egnatia Motorway near Grevena, passing Karditsa, Trikala and Kalambaka. Starting from the plain of Phthiotis near Lamia, it crosses the Othrys mountains, the plains of western Thessaly and the mountains of Chasia and skirts along the eastern slopes of the Pindos mountain range.

The new Central Greece Motorway was designed for speeds of up to 120km/hr comprising a dual two-lane carriageway with central reserve and emergency stopping lanes on each side.

As the Independent Engineer AECOM -OMEK carried out design checking, monitoring and supervised the implementation of the construction to ensure compliance with project requirements. Under the project, AECOM was also assigned to incorporate part of the PATHE Motorway that runs for 57km from Skarfia to Raches.

The Central Greece Motorway is a key concession project that AECOM and its Greek partner OMEK jointly delivered as independent engineer.