AECOM, as part of a joint venture, is working with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to provide Construction Management Services for New York City’s first water underground treatment plant. This 290 million-gallon-per-day plant is being constructed completely underground beneath Van Cortlandt Park, in the Bronx. When in operation, this plant will have the ability to treat between 20% and 30% of the daily water usage of NYC. The pre-existing golf course and driving range, under which the plant is being constructed, will be fully restored at the original grades above the roof of the completed facility. This $2.4 billion facility is a critical piece to the City’s Watershed Agreement with the Federal Government. A completed Site Preparation Construction Contract consisted of the drilling, explosive blasting and excavation of 250,000 cubic yards of soil and 950,000 cubic yards of rock to a final depth of 100 feet below surface grade. The completed Tunnel Construction Contract includes an 850 foot tunnel connecting to the New Croton Aqueduct for the raw water feed and two 4,000 foot tunnels from the Water Treatment Plant to the Jerome Avenue Reservoir.

The tunnel work also includes three shafts which are 100 feet deep to provide access for required future maintenance. The Water Treatment Plant Construction Contract consists of a water treatment plant that will contain a raw water pumping station, dissolved air flotation, UV disinfection, offices and facilities, a small process laboratory and a treated water pumping station. To date approximately 260,000 cubic yards of concrete, 60,000,000 pounds of reinforcing bars, 622,000 square feet of duct work, 32,000 feet of water pipe, 1,000 feet of an 84-inch diameter treated water tunnel, 1,300,000 feet of conduit and 8,500,000 feet of wire have been installed.