As the first railway of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Etihad Rail comprises a network of 1,200 kilometers that will stretch across all seven emirates. One of the largest single railway projects to be implemented in the world, it forms the UAE component of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rail network connecting the UAE to Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. The railway is expected to transport 50 million tones of freight and 16 million passengers over the next two decades.

In early 2011, we began providing full program management services for Stage 1 of the project, including design management and construction supervision. In addition, we developed and implemented quality assurance measures and managed interfaces between various contracts and stakeholders. This monumental project involved extensive environmental considerations and careful planning to ensure that the railway does not negatively impact local communities and ecological habitats.

We successfully overcame technical challenges to deliver fast track results in one of the most environmentally challenging climates, where summer temperatures regularly exceed 45 degrees Celsius. Despite numerous challenges, we achieved an outstanding safety record including 17 million hours worked without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). We worked hard to encourage a strong safety culture by recognizing and celebrating safety milestones and achievements at both the project level and an individual level.

Upon completion, the network will play a central role in the development of the UAE’s industrial infrastructure and future growth.

The project won the 2016 GCC MEED Quality Award for Rail Project of the Year.