Dublin City Council appointed AECOM to design a premium cycle route along the River Liffey quays in Dublin, Ireland. The quays are one of the most congested sections of road in the city centre and the project is anticipated to generate considerable public and media interest.

The provision of high quality cycle facilities has the potential to be a game-changer in terms of cycle provision in the city. However, it also has the potential to reduce the road space available to public transport. Balancing this issue is one of the key challenges for the project.

Central to AECOM’s bid success in this keenly sought-after project were proposals to address communication, skills transfer with the client and an ability to conduct a structured appraisal which will set out the transition from objective setting through to final project selection in a logical, transparent manner.

Eoin O’Mahony, AECOM associate director, transportation, said: “There is big interest in cycling in Dublin largely due to a successful public bike hire scheme and tax relief for bike purchase. As a result, this has encouraged the transport authorities to address some of the more challenging routes for cyclists. The quays are certainly one of those very congested areas and we are looking forward to delivering on this high profile project.”

In addition to the quays project, AECOM’s Dublin office is also preparing a strategic cycle network plan for the Greater Dublin Area. The study will identify the cycle routes within seven local authority regions which should be prioritised over the next 10 years to get the best return on investment. This study will be used by the National Transport Authority as a reference point for deciding whether a proposed scheme should be progressed in the coming years.

For more information, please contact Eoin O’Mahony.