Group M is WPP’s consolidated media investment management operation and serves as the parent company to agencies including Maxus, MEC, Media Com, Mindshare, Catalyst and Xaxis. Group M is the global number one media investment management group (RECMA 2010).

Strategy Plus won a competition in 2011 to design a small meeting space in the current Group M building. After carrying out this project, Group M engaged Strategy Plus to design and improve other areas within their office building.

The aims for the new space were to:

  • Increase staff motivation.
  • Increase staff identification with company values and image.
  • Increase and improve informal and collaboration areas to foster connections.
  • Increase the variety of spaces available for different types of meetings and work.
  • Convey a culture appropriate to a young and innovative company.

All this had to be done within tight budget constraints, therefore decisions were needed early on in the project, on where to allocate the available fee and time. With this in mind we focused on upgrading the support spaces in the centre of the floor, introducing a lot more colour and a greater diversity of work and meeting areas. These vibrant and colorful spaces along the center of the office floor stand out, leaving the old office floor in the background.

The result, on conclusion of this project, is that Strategy Plus have met the expectations of the client, and we are now working closely with Group M to improve more spaces.