This project includes the preliminary design for an extension of Highway 407 from Brock Road in Pickering to Ashburn Road in Whitby (12 km), with one north-south freeway link connecting Highway 401 and Highway 407 (10 km) and Realignment of Highway 401 (4.5 km).  This project is part of an overall MTO project to extend Highway 407 easterly to Highway 35/115 with the addition of two freeway links connecting Highway 407 and Highway 401.

This project included two complex freeway to freeway interchanges at Highway 407 and West Durham Link (WDL), and a Realigned Highway 401 and WDL.  The WDL interchange ramps and associated structures were designed to accommodate staged expansion of Highway 401 from

6-8-10 lanes to a collector-distributor system.  Preliminary design of seven Parclo interchanges and two partial interchanges were also completed along Highway 407 and WDL.  Other key components included the development of one Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station, two Truck Lay-bys and identifying a location for a highway maintenance facility.

The project included the conceptual design of a transitway along the south side of Highway 407 and west side of the WDL, seven transitway stations with interfaces to arterial roadways and one transitway maintenance yard.

Other components of the project included the preparation of over 70 bridge General Arrangement (GA) drawings and preliminary structural design reports.  Bridges were required for crossing watercourses, arterial roads and 2 rail ways.  Bridges were also required for freeway to freeway interchange ramps.  Two wildlife crossing bridges were provided for large mammals crossing under the WDL.

This project also included the development of a VISSIM microsimulaton model for various time horizons, along with two high definition creative imaging DVDs illustrating the preferred alternative.  As part of the Electrical Engineering component, a preliminary illumination layout for high mast lighting poles was completed.  AECOM also participated in a Value Engineering Study, Constructability Workshop and Risk Assessment for the Highway 407 project.

AECOM co-ordinated input from Hydrology, Geomorphology and Natural Environmental subconsultants to identify requirements for 22 watercourses for agency approval.  AECOM’s Drainage and Hydrology Department completed the Preliminary design for over 30 stormwater management ponds which were incorporated into the overall highway preliminary design.  The AECOM Cultural Resource Management Department completed and documented Stage 2 investigations and heritage assessments.

The work from this project was presented at two sets of Public Information Centres and was one of three preliminary design sections incorporated into an Individual Environmental Assessment Report document (prepared by others).  AECOM prepared a comprehensive Design Criteria and Preliminary Design Report to document key elements of this project.